Pan and Cake is your one-stop shop for all things weddings, including custom wedding cakes from our in-house cake artist. Our small but carefully selected cake menu ensures that there is a flavor for every cake lover’s palate, without overwhelming you with options.

All cakes are custom quoted based on size and design. We offer an elegant cake tasting experience in your own take-home box with champagne for two. Get your Pinterest boards ready, and let’s talk cake!

Cake Menu

Butterscotch Cream

Butterscotch and cream soda cake with fluffy marshmallow buttercream and butterscotch caramel sauce

Chocolate Lovers

Rich chocolate cake flavored with a hint of espresso, fudgy ganache frosting, and salted caramel sauce

Classic Vanilla

Moist vanilla cake with almond buttercream and seasonal fruit compote

Honey Lavender

Honey lavender cake with tart lemon curd and Swiss meringue buttercream

Raspberry Champagne

French vanilla champagne cake with raspberry mousse and Swiss meringue buttercream

Seasonal Chef’s Choice

Ask for this year’s seasonal selections

Dessert Tables & More

We offer a wide variety of mini desserts to deck out your custom dessert bar in sweet style. We also offer table-side cake service and custom plated desserts. Check out our seasonal selections on our menu for inspiration!

Cake Sizing Guide


6-8 ppl


10-14 ppl


20-25 ppl


25-35 ppl


35-45 ppl


45-55 ppl